Respond to Apartment Reviews, Good and Bad

The Importance of Responding to Apartment Reviews

Reviews on platforms such as Google My Business, Yelp, Zillow, and more play a vital role in the search and decision-making processes of consumers. In the multifamily industry specifically, apartment reviews significantly impact a prospective renter’s perception of a community. As a result, properties need a reputation management plan that involves a strategic approach to responding to both good and bad reviews in order to build and maintain a positive online image. Below, learn why it is important to acknowledge reviewers and the benefits of well-crafted responses.


Good Apartment Reviews

Positive reviews help potential residents vet a community before committing to an in-person or virtual tour, submitting an application, or completing another additional step in the leasing process. Since more reviews indicate a more reliable apartment community, it is important for property managers to tactically request and respond to online feedback. Regularly asking for input from current residents ensures that there is a steady flux of diverse, recent reviews for prospects to read. Additionally, responding to both solicited and unprompted apartment reviews demonstrates to potential occupants your community’s appreciation for its current renters and its commitment to maintaining strong relationships with them. This kind of online engagement could also prompt other residents to take the time to write a reference. When answering an appraisal, be sure to include the person’s name, a personal touch to the message, and your sincerest gratitude.


Bad Apartment Reviews

While resident satisfaction may be of top priority in your apartment community, negative reviews are still difficult to avoid. Despite doing your best to keep residents content at all times, extraneous factors outside of your control and ornery renters will inevitably cause strife. Online review platforms and social media sites are the perfect medium for past or present residents to relay their frustrations. Removing reviews is nearly impossible and ignoring them will send the message that you could not be bothered or simply do not care. It is important to respond to bad feedback because it not only gives you the opportunity to make amends, but it also displays your genuine concern for and dedication to residents. If you decide to contact a person offline to resolve a problem, respond to the comment anyway so prospects will see that the complaint did not go unsettled. People want to feel heard. By acknowledging and offering a solution to a resident’s grievance, you can build a reputation of trust both online and in your community.

Favorable testimonials bolster a property’s credibility and drive renter interest. In contrast, negative reviews left unchecked degrade an apartment community’s trustworthiness and deter potential leads. A best practice for managing any type of review, however, is to reply quickly and sincerely. If you need help managing your digital brand, contact us today!