Increase Your Apartment Occupancy

In the multifamily world, increasing occupancy in your apartments is critical. The goal for any property is to be completely rented. So, how can multifamily properties effectively increase leasing and increase residents? The way we market ourselves is ever-changing and understanding what the most effective strategies are is key.  Using a combination of online and offline tactics can help you increase your occupancy.


Online Opportunities to Consider

There are an an array of online marketing tactics you can consider and take advantage of to help increase occupancy. Check out some of our recommendations below.


Customized Multifamily Website

The first thing a prospective resident is going to do is look for your properties website. If your website isn’t updated and doesn’t have the information they’re looking for, it’s likely they’ll quickly move on to the next property. Your website should showcase your property’s best qualities and provide factual information for potential residents. They want to know space, cost, policies, amenities, and location. If something is left out, they may not go any further or even bother calling to inquire.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Implementing SEO on your property’s website will help it show up in organic results. People aren’t likely searching for your apartment community by name, but they are searching for things like “apartments in Seattle,” which is where SEO comes in. Having an effective SEO strategy can set you apart from your competitors and lead to an increase in leasing.


3D Renderings & Updated Floor Plans

Make sure your website has updated, modern-looking floor plans and good visuals of what your apartments and community look like. Offering 3D renderings of your property and accurate representations of apartment layouts can go a long way in increasing occupancy.


Local Listings (Google My Buisness)

With multifamily marketing, keeping your local listings updated. That means business hours, contact information, services, and more should be updated so that whenever your property is searched on the web, the correct information is displayed.


Social Media Channels

Use social media to promote your property. If potential residents are interested in renting from you, they’ll do their research and that means looking for reviews from other current or past residents on social media. Actively manage your social media pages to ensure your presence is positive and engaging.


Paid Ads (PPC)

Consider using paid ads on Google and other platforms to promote your property when you’re trying to increase occupancy. Targeted groups, like those looking for housing in your area, may see them and click through to your website to learn more.


Offline Marketing to Explore

While the opportunities for online multifamily marketing seem endless – you should not neglect the offline marketing options to benefit your apartment complex. Check out below just a few options to dig into for a more holistic approach to your marketing strategies.


Updating On-Site Amenities

Something that many properties know has the potential to increase leasing but fail to follow through with is updating amenities. This doesn’t mean you have to rebuild the entire property but thinking about what potential residents are really looking for in a home can be helpful in increasing occupancy. Is your property pet-friendly? Consider installing a small pet area. Have some budget for additions? Think about smart home systems.


Print Collateral Materials

Print isn’t dead, especially in multifamily. Newsletters, flyers, posters, and more can still be very effective tools in increasing occupancy when placed appropriately.


Referral Programs

Building a great community starts on the inside. Think about offering referral or incentive programs to your current residents if you’re trying to increase occupancy at your apartments. If you have happy residents, then they’ll want to encourage those they know and trust to come be their neighbors! A win-win for everyone.


Move-In Specials

People love a sale. Run move-in specials for the properties where you’re trying to increase occupancy to get ahead of the competition in your area.

When it comes to leasing and occupancy, the story starts online and finishes in the real world. Tackling both at the same time can help you increase leasing and increase residents at your multifamily properties! To learn more about multifamily digital marketing, contact our marketing experts today for a FREE evaluation.