How to Create Apartment Video Walkthroughs

Apartment Videos and Virtual Tours

If you don’t offer apartment virtual tours for your property, now is the time to start. With a global pandemic still active, putting the safety of your staff and potential residents at the forefront of your operations is crucial. Creating virtual apartment walkthroughs allow prospects to tour your community without having to step foot on the property. They can review virtual tours at their leisure and jot down questions that one of your leasing agents can answer during a follow-up call. One of the benefits of creating a virtual apartment tour is you have the opportunity to highlight your property at its best. These days you can create an apartment walkthrough with something as simple as a good cellphone. Here are some tips on creating stunning apartment video walkthroughs.

Lighting is Very Important

Make sure you have great light for your apartment virtual tour. Open the blinds and turn on what lighting you have in the apartment. The camera loves light and it’ll make the apartment look welcoming and cheery. Moving from room to room with shadows and less light translates to bad apartment photos and videos.

Set Your Course and Prepare

Ideally, you’ll plot your course and do a walkthrough before you start recording. A practice run has never hurt! Also, you’ll want to make sure that things like doors and sample cabinets are open before you start the real tour so you avoid the dreaded shaky camera when you’re trying to open them while you’re recording.


Apartment Virtual Tours and Video Walkthroughs

Highlight Benefits

Make sure to highlight the benefits of the apartment you’re touring. Start just outside the front door and take it slow. Show each room but try to stay within the doorway so the viewer gets a sense of the space. If you have generous walk-in closets, take a few steps inside to highlight those. Great view? Make sure to capture that as well!

Consider Your Options

Pre-Made Videos

While you can easily create your own apartment virtual tour simply using a cellphone, there are other options for your property to consider. Many companies provide services where people will come to your property and capture video tours for you. These options can include virtual reality and 3D framing as well. It’s up to you to decide what works best for your budget and timeline. You may want to get virtual tours on your website quickly and then turn to a more professional option down the line. Whatever works best for your goals is what you should go with!

Live Virtual Tours

Another option that properties are turning to during the COVID-19 pandemic is live virtual tours. This option allows your potential resident to FaceTime or video chat with a leasing agent and performs a live tour through an apartment on your property. This way they can ask questions in real-time and get instant feedback.

Pandemic or not, people love being able to explore a property that they’re interested in on their own terms. Apartment virtual tours allow prospects to investigate your property on their own schedule and can entice them to contact you for more information. If you have questions about virtual tours, apartment SEO, or need a new apartment website designed to support your newly created apartment virtual tours, contact us!