Virtual Amenity Scheduling for Apartment Complexes

Virtual Amenity Scheduling


Learning how to best serve your residents during the COVID-19 pandemic comes with a unique set of challenges. You want to ensure that everyone can enjoy the comprehensive amenities your property provides but is also following CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and reducing the spread of the virus. Our sister company Respage has created a new service that allows your residents to schedule specific blocks of time so that everyone can enjoy your property’s amenities safely. Respage’s new Amenity Scheduler works through chatbot technology to allow your residents to book their own time slot for any of your on-site amenities.

Shared community spaces are often some of the biggest draws that make residents choose a specific property to call home. From fitness centers to pools to game rooms, people want to be able to take advantage of everything a property offers. The new Amenity Scheduler provides an easy way for residents to know when they can enjoy your amenities on their schedule without putting themselves or their neighbors at risk.

Your staff can adjust the time slots, a number of permitted residents, hours of operation, and much more information so that residents can only select times that are available for each specific amenity. Staff can also adjust how far out each amenity can be booked to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape and guidelines that we’re all navigating.

You can provide access to the Amenity Scheduler through an existing chatbot, a CTA on your website, a simple URL link, or even a QR code. The goal is for residents to easily be able to schedule their time slot for the amenities they wish to use. Since things have opened up around the country, people are eager to get back to some sense of normalcy in their daily lives, and utilizing community amenities is part of that.

No matter what kinds of amenities your property offers, Respage’s Amenity Scheduler can be useful. From dog wash stations to bark parks, to community business centers, every amenity can be easily scheduled to ensure that people can maintain social distancing while still utilizing the range of amenities available.

If you’re curious about how you can best position your property to succeed during the pandemic, contact us. We can help you optimize your apartment website, add new messaging, and more.

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