Preferred Employer Program For Apartments

Preferred employer programs are becoming more and more popular for many kinds of industries. By giving preferred employees more benefits in the community that they serve, they can feel more pride in their work as well as feeling more welcome in the community. Apartment properties can also provide preferred employer programs if they want to attract or retain residents that work in a specific industry or with a certain company. Interested in implementing an apartment preferred employer program at your rental community? Keep reading to learn more about what that entails!


How do preferred employer programs work?

To put it simply, these types of programs offer discounts or special privileges to workers in specialized industries. This could include medical professionals, first responders, active military or veterans, educators at nearby schools or universities, or any other number of career fields that help grow or support the community. When residents provide paperwork that proves they work in any field that you’ve designated as applicable for your program, you can inform them of the benefits at that time.


Preferred Employer Program Benefits

Some common benefits for an apartment preferred employer program include zero-cancellation fees if the resident needs to vacate within the first few months of residency, waiving the application fee or security deposit, or including a move-in credit towards rent later in the lease. Other non-financial incentives could include relocation or move-in assistance, VIP events on or off the property grocery delivery, or discounted laundry services.


How To Create A Preferred Employer Program

Many apartment communities across the country are implementing programs like this one to entice prospective residents to apply for their properties. If you’re looking for a way to increase the number of applications or leases at your community, conduct your own research on how other rental companies run their apartment preferred employer programs. Look at this step-by-step article on how Rent Solutions Tampa partners with rental properties to create their program. See if other apartment properties in your area offer similar programs and try to fill the holes that their program may have left.

Creating an apartment preferred employer program is a great way to attract new residents to your rental properties. Be sure that as soon as you have a program in place, you begin advertising it on your website and social media accounts so that employees that are looking for a new home in your area can find your property more easily.

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