What Can SEO Do for My Apartment Complex?

Diving into the world of digital marketing can feel overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start. Starting with SEO for your apartment complex may be the route to go if you’re trying to reach a larger audience online. With a great SEO strategy, you can see not only increased traffic to your site, but you’ll be reaching your target audience, meaning more potential leasing applications! Here are a few tips you’ll want to know when creating or expanding your SEO strategy.


Get Your Property on the Map

If Google doesn’t know where your apartment property is, it won’t be able to show your website to people looking to rent in the area. Provide accurate and consistent signals throughout your property website about where your apartment homes are located. List your apartment name, address, and phone number on each page of your site. When Google’s crawlers go through your site to figure out where your business is located, they should be able to find it multiple times. This provides you with visibility in your local market.


Build Rapport with Other Local Businesses

If you can get them to mention your business on their site as well as a link to your property, you’ll be building authority for your website in local search. If you’re planning on reaching out to businesses, you’re in good standing with, let them know that you can provide a backlink on your site as well, giving them a better chance at ranking higher on Google, too.


Interact with Audience through Google My Business

Interaction helps develop quality signals about your brand, which can, in turn, improve your website authority and relevance in local search. Google helps people find answers quickly, so provide answers to the questions your audience is asking you. Aside from this, it’s always a sign of good business when your audience and residents are able to reach out to you with questions and feedback; this alone can show potential renters that you’re transparent and trustworthy about your business.


Be Sure Website Looks & Performs Great

A good website design can influence website users to convert, whether that is through calling your office or submitting an application. Speed and ease of use of the site, strong visual representation of who you are, and the quality you offer, guide a user down the path to conversion.

SEO in the multifamily industry is a competitive game. With each property owner working to be at the top, you want to make sure that you’re keeping up with your competitors. What worked with SEO for your apartment complex last year may not work for you the same way this year, so you may want to reexamine your digital marketing efforts and develop a stronger strategy. Prelude can help; get a free marketing evaluation of your apartment complex.

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