Why You Should Track Email Leads from Your Apartment Website Using Google Analytics

You know your apartment website design is working and you’re getting leads. Even if you’re already tracking your apartment community’s website leads using a CRM that integrates with your property management software, it’s a valuable exercise to set up Google Analytics goals to track your contact form conversions. You might be asking if it’s really worth going through this extra work. Perhaps you’re saying to yourself, isn’t it enough to know that you are getting leads from your website, not to mention you already have too much on your plate?

The reason it’s helpful is that it provides actionable information and lets you know exactly where those leads are coming from. Setting up additional tracking is a one-time process that will reveal that your leads are coming from a wide array of sources, including Google organic search, social media, ILSs who link to your site, people who go directly to your website, and some sources that might surprise you for example organic searches on Yahoo or Bing.

This is especially helpful if you are paying for clicks to your website from third-party sites including Google AdWords, Zillow, apartments.com and Yelp. If the only tracking you have in place is through your CRM, the leads you get from all of them will all be lumped together. Setting up and measuring goal conversions will help you see the actual source of all your traffic. This will arm you with the data you need to know if your investments in these third-party sources are paying off (and in many cases, they aren’t).

Once you set up goals, you’ll be able to log into Google Analytics and look at conversion reports like this one:

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In our next article, we will show you how. Or you can contact us and we’ll help you set it up for you.

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