Scheduling Apartment Amenities with Covid Restrictions

Now that the COVID-19 vaccination is available to most adults, many of the public health restrictions that have been in place for over a year are being amended or lifted. These are reasons to be optimistic, but with new variants of the virus reported in many states and unanswered questions about the possible need for vaccine booster shots in the later part of the year, multifamily property owners need to know how to safely reopen amenities cut during COVID-19. One of the best ways to keep your residents and staff safe when reopening access to pools, fitness centers, games rooms, and other luxuries is to implement a system that allows individuals to schedule specific times to enjoy the many comforts of your apartment amenities.


Stay Safe – Stick To A Schedule 

Since multifamily properties face many unique challenges due to an increased risk of COVID-19 exposure, it’s imperative that you follow the recommended CDC guidance in an effort to keep your residents and staff safe. By scheduling apartment amenity usage, your property can limit the number of residents in an area so they can adhere to social distancing recommendations, limit hours of operation to accommodate frequent cleaning and sanitizing between reservations, and better accommodate residents with disabilities who may require additional assistance or extra time.


Reservation Tools Make Amenities Scheduling Easy 

To help you safely reopen your apartment amenities and implement a scheduling system, Respage, our sister company, has designed an affordable, user-friendly amenity reservation tool that replaces the need to rely on physical sign-up sheets or online calendars. Powered by innovative artificial intelligence technology, this scheduling system lets your residents easily book time for their favorite apartment amenities via your property website, a URL link included with property emails or newsletters, QRL codes posted outside the specific amenity areas, or Respage’s virtual chatbot assistant and resident app options.

Unlike more traditional scheduling systems, Respage’s apartment amenity scheduling tool includes a number of great features for residents: confirmation and reminder notifications, validation prompts for increased security, cancellation options, waiting list sign-ups in case of cancellations or policy changes, and more. Administrators and staff can benefit from the tool’s ability to schedule recurring cleanings, block off time for routine maintenance, manage amenity fees, send notifications to residents, and restrict amenity access in case of COVID exposure.

Satisfying your residents’ needs for first-rate apartment amenities under the current circumstances is a challenge. That’s why we want to help. Whether you would like to see a demonstration of Respage’s amenities reservation tool, or your website requires SEO optimization to spread the word about new amenities, our team of marketing experts is ready to assist you.