How Predictive SEO Can Grow Your Multifamily Website Traffic

When it comes to marketing for apartments, the foundation of search engine optimization (SEO) is keyword research, and most organizations select keywords based on what has worked in the past. For example, you might look at Google Analytics, or Google AdWords data if you have been doing paid search, to look for keywords that are generating visits to the site and look for ways to write or tweak content to improve the effectiveness of those keywords.

Predictive SEO looks at this data to predict the future, rather than leverage the past. Instead of mining your data for what has worked before, you try to use data from different sources to predict what keywords are trending upward and use these keywords to write or reposition content to rank.

For example, you might identify that there is a rise in traffic starting in February for searches related opening day for Major League Baseball teams. Suppose your apartment community is in Midtown Manhattan. You might choose to write a piece about opening day, and how easy it is to take the subway to Yankee Stadium from your community to take advantage of the trend in search volume for “Yankees opening day.”

predictive SEO

This type of content can help you show up for long tail searches, increase inbound traffic, build your brand, and possibility generate leads from baseball fans.

SEO is competitive, and Predictive SEO is one forward thinking approach we use to help you build content ahead of those you’re competing against. To learn more, contact us. We’re happy to help!


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