How to get reviews from residents

You’ve optimized your property’s website with multifamily SEO keywords and content that put you at the top of search results. Your pages load fast, the images pop, and the new virtual tours are getting lots of views. Everything looks great but there’s one element that’s still missing: apartment reviews. Although interested renters think your property looks fantastic and offers the amenities they want and the location they desire, they may be skeptical about taking the next step due to a lack of apartment ratings. Those little star ratings and positive blurbs are like a magnet for customers. And the best way to increase your apartment review count is to ask your current residents what they think of your property.


Survey The Situation 

Based on your casual observations, your residents may seem perfectly content in their homes. They pay the rent on time, never complain, and say “Hello” to the staff and property managers. On the surface, everything seems fine, but there may be little things that irk them – or more serious problems that spur thoughts of moving. One of the most effective ways to collect feedback (both positive and negative) is to conduct an anonymous survey with your residents. Anonymity helps individuals feel less anxious about sharing their thoughts and a customized survey will help you discover what your residents enjoy most about your property and what pain points they may be experiencing.


After you collect the information, you can decide what steps are needed to make your residents feel more at home. With the answers in hand, you can accentuate the positives of your property and take steps to address the negatives. This survey shouldn’t be a one-time thing. In addition to making it an annual event, you can conduct mini-surveys in your emails or newsletters any time you add a new amenity, perform maintenance, or revise a policy. When residents see the effort you’re taking to make their lives better, they may be more inclined to leave positive feedback on your social media pages, an online review site, or your website.


Boost Your Online Apartment Ratings & Reviews

We understand that encouraging your residents to write a review for your apartment is not an easy task – but it can be. Our sister company Respage has developed a new product that can increase your apartment ratings and reviews on Google My Business with the help of your residents. Designed to integrate with your property management software, Respage’s Apartment Review Booster uses artificial intelligence to interact with your residents and direct them to Google My Business to leave a review. This innovative tool not only increases your apartment reviews and ratings, but it also allows your administrators to collect the review feedback for use in customizable reports.


Apartment reviews can impact your property’s bottom line. If your apartment lacks reviews, we can help. Talk to us today to learn how we can help increase your property’s presence on Google My Business with our digital marketing expertise or Respage’s apartment Review Booster.