Five Reasons Why Even Small Properties Need a Multifamily Website

Most people realize that having an internet presence is important. But does every property truly need a multifamily website? Simply put, without an eye-catching multifamily website design, you are missing the opportunity to put your community in front of the 70 percent of apartment searches that begin online. Here are five more reasons it’s crucial to have a website for even the smallest of multifamily properties.

  1. Property information. Potential residents search online because they want to do their homework and narrow their options before jumping in the car to tour communities. By having an attractive and informative website, you’ll give prospects the information they’ve come to expect to see online. You’ll also have the ability to tell your story about your community and supplement what’s already being listed in online directories and ratings and review sites.
  2. Driving traffic. Being listed on an Internet Listing Service site, like Zillow or, can help drive prospects to tour your property, but having your own website lets you build traffic from search engine and ratings and review sites, like Yelp, Internet Yellow Pages and even craigslist. Unlike standardized ILS listings, you’ll be able to control exactly how the information appears on your site. Over time, many small properties will be able to reduce their dependence on third-party advertising or even eliminate paid sources of traffic.
  3. Building trust. When potential residents are given complete, up-to-date information, they are more likely to trust in your property and take that next step to contact you.
  4. Just renting one apartment as a result of having an active multifamily website design can provide a return on investment. Your apartment website doesn’t have to be expensive to be attractive and functional. In fact, our multifamily-focused themes are a great place to start when looking for an affordable multifamily website.
  5. Resident convenience. Today, residents are accustomed to paying online for everything from groceries to housing expenses. Having a dedicated residents page on your property website can not only provide convenience to current residents but entice potential residents to rent from you. Ideally, you will provide residents the ability to pay rent online, make a maintenance request, and contact you in the case of an emergency or to simply make general inquiries.

Size doesn’t matter. You might think that if you have a smaller property then you don’t need a multifamily website design. Not true! Even if you have a property with only 40 apartments, you will want to invest in a website to help prospects qualify themselves, generate leads, and help keep your current residents happy!

A functional and attractive multifamily website could make the difference between a potential resident choosing your property over a competitor’s. Prelude offers a range of options for any property size and budget. Contact us today to learn more about our multifamily services.

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