Becoming More Pet-Friendly

Becoming More Pet-Friendly

Pets have been a part of American households for years. Some would even consider them family. And it’s easy to see why. They provide companionship. Playing with them entertains us (and keeps us active, too). Pet ownership helps teach responsibility to children and young adults. On top of all of that, they’re just plain adorable! 

When many professions shifted to remote work in early 2020, pet ownership grew. Now that many individuals are no longer working in a business setting, they crave the company that pets offer. And when world events caused much worry, pets played an important role in calming fears and anxiety in America’s households. 

As the popularity (and importance) of pet ownership continues to grow, many industries are starting to become more pet-friendly, pet-friendlier policies is the multifamily industry. 

After years of enforcing strict “no pets allowed” policies, many property managers and apartment communities have had a change of mind. Realizing the number of prospects they could be potentially losing due to outdated policies, the industry has recognized the need for change. Now, pet-friendly apartments for rent are the norm rather than the exception. 


Benefits of Pro Pet Policies 

As we mentioned above, updating your policies to accept pets is a great way to reach new audiences and fill vacancies. While that’s a pretty terrific perk, there are lots of other great benefits when you welcome pet owners to your apartment community: 

Increased lease renewals

  • If tenants and their pets are happy in their new homes, they may be more likely to extend their stay. Most folks don’t enjoy moving. And their pets aren’t very fond of acclimating to new surroundings. If they’re happy at your property, then they’re likely to renew their lease. Properties can also experience increased lease renewals by eliminating breed restrictions on their pet-friendly policies. Eliminating these limitations allows property owners to cast a bigger net to catch even more prospects.  

Increased revenue

  • While adopting a pet-friendly policy means the potential for more tenants, it also means that property owners will need to protect their units from damage. To offset any expenses (increased cleaning services, repairs, etc) due to pets, property owners can charge additional fees to their pet-owning tenants. 

Greater control

  • Just because an apartment building has a no pet policy, doesn’t mean every tenant will obey it. It’s not uncommon for some tenants to sneak a pet into their unit. Rather than deal with the various issues surrounding this scenario, apartment owners that accept pets have great control over breed types and the number of animals permitted on their property. 

Those are some pretty impressive benefits for implementing a pet-friendly policy. However, you can also attract more tenants by supporting your new policy with pet-friendly amenities and courtesies. 


Supporting Your New Policy with Pet-Friendly Amenities

Since welcoming pets is a popular apartment trend, there may be some serious competition for attracting pet owners. To effectively convince pet owners that a property is a right choice for them, many communities are adding pet-friendly amenities to their community. These new trends and amenities are also being picked up in google searches of tenants looking for both new places to live in addition to what new pet they are looking to bring into their home. Our highly trained SEO professionals have years of experience making locations show up when Pet-friendly apartments for rent are entered in the search bar. Here are some of the most popular perks:

  • On-site dog parks – While this may sound like a major project, it’s really not. Dog owners need to take their pooches for walks several times a day. But sometimes (especially during the workday) they don’t have enough time for a long walk. And a trip to the local park at the end of the night is not an option. Creating an on-site dog park is the answer to these problems. Designating a small fenced-in area on the apartment property for use as a dog park is a major way to woo dog-owning prospects.
  • Pet page resource – Pet owners like knowing where the essentials are located: pet stores, groomers, walking services, doggie daycare centers, local parks and veterinarians. Dedicating a page on your website and including this information in your brochures, is a great way to demonstrate a property’s commitment to their pet-owning tenants. These are also a great resource for prospects who are unfamiliar with the neighborhood. 

If you’re thinking of making your multifamily community more pet-friendly, our marketing experts can help you reach these new audiences. Contact us today to learn the many ways we can promote your new pet-friendly apartment policies on your website!