Multifamily Marketing: Attracting Millennials to Your Property

Your website is the face of your business. It can be instrumental in targeting the specific resident you’re looking to reach through working with a multifamily marketing company. Millennials now comprise the largest generation in the United States at just over 75 million people. They are also the largest population of renters in the country so attracting millennials to your property can be very beneficial. But, what are millennials looking for in housing?

Just the Facts

Millennials want to see facts and no BS. They crave authenticity in all of their interactions. Flowery language and overselling a millennial doesn’t work. When it comes to attracting millennials to your property, make sure your website outlines exactly what you offer without trying to embellish. Millennials want to know that every unit comes with new granite countertops, not that the kitchen has “innovative” or “top of the line” features. Just tell them what your property offers – plain and simple.

Keep an Eye on Public Feedback

It goes without saying that millennials are rabid consumers of technology and social media. Making sure that your social media and marketing reflect your property’s goals and offerings is key. Potential residents have already done lots of online research before even contacting your property. If you have any negative feedback or reviews, you’ll want to address them immediately. Millennials will also evaluate your social media to see what your community is like. They expect your property to have a social media presence so they can review what current residents say it’s like to live there.

Build a Brand

If you’re trying to attract millennials, the best practice is to build a brand by developing personas. Identify the ideal resident you’re trying to attract and market your website to that specific demographic. You want the images, colors, and feel of your website to be relatable to the millennial set. Millennials are all about making an emotional connection to a brand, but also being able to clearly access the facts. They need to be able to see themselves living at your property and your online presence should reflect that.

Prelude can help you create an online presence that balances selling to the millennial market without turning away other prospective residents. If you’d like any help with multifamily marketing and building your online presence, feel free to contact us. We’re a multifamily marketing company and we’re here to help!