5 Multifamily Marketing Tips for the Summer

5 Multifamily Marketing Tips for the Summer

Summertime isn’t just the best time for taking a vacation. It’s also the prime time to move into a new apartment. Many apartment seekers prefer to look for a new home when the weather is more cooperative and they can move without incident. 


Since summer is such a popular time for apartment searches, most property owners get more aggressive with their marketing. With so many competitors vying for these interested audiences, how do you stand out from the crowd?


Below, you’ll find five of our favorite summer multifamily marketing tips to help you reach potential residents, engage their interest and encourage them to take action and sign a lease for your property! 


Summer Multifamily Marketing Tip #1: Summer Special Offers 


This may seem obvious but you would be surprised to learn that many multifamily communities do not tap into the potential of this effective marketing method!


Offering summer specials is a great way to incentivize interested audiences. When they’re scrolling through social media or typing queries into search engines, apartment seekers are more inclined to take note of multifamily communities that offer summer specials.


These specials can range from “First Month’s Rent Free” to “No Security Deposit Necessary”  to “Waived Pet Fees for First Three Months” and other incentives. 


Get creative with your offers. Just make sure you stress the fact that these specials are only offered for a limited time. This underscores the urgency of the offer – and can even spark FOMO (fear of missing out). 


Summer Multifamily Marketing Tip #2: Connect With College Students 


Although summertime can be a blast for college students, many look forward to returning to campus in the fall. Yet, they may not be looking forward to moving back to cramped and confining dorms. 


Use your digital marketing toolbox to target these student audiences. With a combination of the right keywords, messages and images, you’ll show students how more comfortable and convenient your community is than the dorms. 


Highlight your quick commute to campus via vehicle, bike or nearby public transportation. Showcase such elements roomy floor plans or shared office space amenities that are ideal for remote learning opportunities. And be sure to inform them of the many nearby resources for shopping, dining and entertainment. 


And since college students are often on a budget, if you pair this marketing with a summer special, you’ll grab their attention and encourage action. 


Summer Multifamily Marketing Tip # 3: Emphasize Your Staycation Amenities 


Taking a summer trip to a new or favorite place is a top priority for many. On the other hand, there are just as many folks who want to spend their vacation at home. 


If your multifamily community’s amenities include onsite pools, sun decks, fitness centers, private patios/balconies, BBQ areas, and outdoor lounges then you’re in luck. You have an array of benefits that appeal to people who enjoy staycations!


Call attention to your property’s staycation possibilities to connect with apartment hunters who prefer to take it easy at home. 


When interested audiences see images or videos of your comfortable and relaxing amenities, they’ll picture themselves enjoying a satisfying summer staycation. And that may be the catalyst that causes them to choose your multifamily community over the others. 


Summer Multifamily Marketing Tip #4: Encourage Virtual Tours  


While most people try to disconnect from their everyday lives when they’re vacationing, there are times when they can’t help it. When experiencing layovers at airports or quiet mornings spent waiting for the rest of their party to wake up, vacationers often reach for their tablets or smartphones. These are the ideal times to reach potential residents with virtual tours. 


By making virtual or video tours a part of your summer marketing strategy, you’ll encourage interested audiences to explore your community from anywhere at any time. Not only do these tours offer convenience, they also give apartment seekers a better understanding of your floor plans, in-unit and community amenities, and all of the possibilities their new home offers. 


Then when these vacationing apartment searchers return home, your multifamily community will be at the top of their list for potential new homes!


Summer Multifamily Marketing Tip #5: Host An Outdoor Onsite Event 


Encouraging apartment searchers to schedule a tour of your apartments is a pretty standard marketing tool for any time of the year. 


Yet, summer provides the perfect opportunity to get extra creative. Instead of simply asking audiences to schedule a tour, you can invite them to discover your community in a more fun and engaging way by hosting an outdoor event! 


Hosting an outdoor event at your property is not only a great way to attract potential residents, it’s also a great way to reward your current residents and build a real community. 


Fun, low-cost outdoor events such as community yard sales, cookouts, ice cream socials and movie nights, encourage eager apartment seekers to check out your community. These events also provide opportunities for your current residents to socialize and build friendships, too. 


These simple events leave a lasting impression on visitors – and may motivate them to become community members! 


Summer is the perfect time to reach potential residents and fill any apartment vacancies you may have. And these five summer multifamily marketing tips can help you achieve your goals. 


The only downside to summer marketing is that it can be difficult for your team to spread the word when they’re busy running your day-to-day operations. 


That’s where the experts at Prelude can help you!


Contact us today to learn how we can help make your summer multifamily marketing more effective and rewarding!