Eastern Property Group

Project Details

  • Website Development

Project Tools:

  • WordPress


Web Development Challenge

When Eastern Property Group came to us, their website hadn’t been updated in several years. In addition to having a dated look and feel, the site also lacked mobile responsiveness. The challenge was to update the look of the site overall, giving it a modern look and feel, while also making the site adaptable across multiple browsers and devices. Another challenge was with the abundance of information on individual properties, and how to make it easier for users and potential renters to find relevant information.


Our solution was a two-front update. We overhauled the design, making better use of overall screen space and property imagery provided by the client. This allowed us to modernize the presentation, while still remaining true to the aesthetic of Eastern Property Group’s residential properties. We also streamlined individual property information, making it easier for prospective residents to find the right apartment for them.

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