Digital Move-in Guide

New in Apartment Marketing

Prelude, the newest apartment marketing idea, is a user-friendly digital move-in guide created to help property managers welcome new residents and communicate essential information to existing ones. An eco-friendly alternative to your paper welcome manual, Prelude’s polish and practicality makes it the perfect companion to, or replacement for, your existing website.

With just one click, the site can be quickly accessed from a mobile device. Our full-service solution makes customizing the information for your community easy and keeping everything up-to-date simple. Along with introducing new residents to their new home, Prelude is a terrific way to showcase your community’s amenities (and quality customer service) to prospective residents. Make your move-in process easier on your residents while making a great first impression with Prelude.

Self-service and full-service Prelude sites are available for $59 and $129 per month respectively. One-time $599 setup fee applies.

Prelude by Results Repeat get residents started guide

Get Started Guide

Where can I buy groceries? Where is the trash chute? Where can I put all these boxes I unpacked? How do I set up my cable? All new residents have questions. Our Get Started Guide will put everything close at hand, so your new residents know what to do, and where to go!

Amenities package with Prelude by Results Repeat for multi family

Amenities Package

Want to showcase your latest amenities? This is the place to do it! In-depth descriptions and information about all of the amenities your property offers, all at the fingertips of your new residents.

Prelude by Results Repeat resident services for multi family

Resident Services

Do you have a referral program? Do you offer package and parking services? Compile all of the necessary resident services information in one place, making it easier for your new residents to see what’s available.

Help residents around town with Prelude by Results Repeat for multi family

Around Town

Moving to a new city can be daunting. Learning the neighborhood, finding the best restaurants, shopping – all of it can be stressful. Help your residents out with in-depth neighborhood information. Offer key information on nearby schools, restaurants, and local businesses.

Digital marketing agency for multi family's local events

Local Events

Whether it’s events you throw for your residents, or the big concert coming to town – Prelude offers residents a calendar of events to keep track of everything that’s happening in and around your property.

And that’s just scratching the surface! Prelude offers your residents their own, personal website – keeping them directly in touch with you. Move-in can be tough – let Prelude provide new apartment marketing ideas and strategies that will help you make the process easier for current and future residents. Fill out the contact form below for additional questions about Prelude’s services!